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World Food Day: Agriculture in Africa – Trends for success

Omri Van Zyl (2)

World Food Day on 16th October seeks to raise awareness on world hunger and food security. Food production demand is on the rise due to increasing populations and emerging markets, and Africa is well positioned to benefit from this demand because of the availability of quality arable land.

Omri van Zyl, Head of Deloitte Africa Agricultural Unit (DAAU) & Deloitte Africa Agriculture leader, states that the agricultural sector will experience exponential growth only if investment is made to overcome structural, financial and infrastructural challenges. Omri has extensive experience in Agriculture Consulting across Africa. Below are key trends van Zyl identified to address world hunger and security concerns:

Considerations for growth:

  • Agriculture output has to be diversified in order to tap into diverse global markets and grow the sector.
  • Infrastructure expenditure on road, power and market networks is essential to tap into the potential of agriculture
  • New technology developed should be used to increase agricultural production and ensure food security
  • Agri-hubs should be included in mining development plans to create an opportunity for commercial agriculture and agri-business growth.
  • Different climatic conditions across Africa should be exploited to produce a variety of agricultural products.
  • Overall, collaboration between the private and public sector is required to ensure the industry is well supported.

Click here to read the full press release on agriculture in Africa.

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