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An innovative approach to leadership talent strategy and sustained future success


Businesses today operate under unprecedented conditions of competition and turbulence, making it increasingly difficult to attract and retain talented employees and fill scarce-skills positions.

In a recent article by SAICA (2013: Moneyweb), the chief executive officer of SAICA, Matsobane Matlwa, says, “Companies trying to survive and thrive have turned to the advanced financial management skills of CAs(SA) to steer them through the toughest economic times of our generation.

In troubled times is not just about controls, tax or ratios – though these are important – it is about grasping and managing risks and strategic opportunity. This is why CAs(SA) also dominate the chief executive function in South Africa with three out of ten (29.7%) listed company leaders also having achieved the CA (SA) qualification.”

Critical CA leadership talent is becoming increasingly scarce in South Africa due to this appreciation of the abilities of CAs and the resultant demand exceeding supply, growing skills shortage in the profession (continuous shortage of 5 000 CAs as far back as 2008). The laws of economics dictate that a high demand and shortage of supply of top talent should lead to a highly competitive market for CA talent.

For your organisation to thrive, it is important to be ahead of the game in terms of attracting the best chartered accountants in the country.

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