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Why access management is a major concern for executives


Enemy at the gates – What executives need to know about the keys to the organisation’s front door

The potential for unauthorised access to sensitive data and intellectual property presents a constant, pervasive threat to the brand equity, competitive posture, and reputation of any enterprise. Many organisations are aware of the enemies lurking just outside their gates and   solutions have long been an integral element of any risk-mitigation or fraud-prevention strategy.

But with the threat landscape evolving and regulations pertaining to data protection in a transformational state, traditional, time-tested IAM technologies may no longer be sufficient. As a result, corporate leadership – including senior business executives, IT stakeholders, and board members – are rightly concerned about the potential impact an incident can have on the organisation, its business relationships, and customers.

Pressure is mounting on organisations to do whatever is required to not only detect, but, more importantly, prevent threats before they affect critical business processes or sensitive data. Fortunately, help is on the horizon. Next-generation IAM solutions built around advanced risk-based authentication techniques promise to help companies effectively safeguard critical assets against today’s threats.

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