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When to reach for the Clouds (Part 1)

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Technology decision makers are facing continuous pressure to provide ubiquitous access to computing technology and data. Cloud Computing is the glue combing the different aspects of mobility, analytics, social business and cyber security to deliver IT services or resources anytime, anywhere and on any device. Several studies make compelling cases for the benefits of Cloud Computing, including potential lower computing costs, increased agility and better collaboration.

As with any new initiative with notable uncertainty, most organisations will pilot the use of Cloud Computing with either low-risk projects or where the on-premises computing resources would not normally be available. But how do you really know whether Cloud Computing is relevant to your business and what are the key motivators or drivers for Cloud adoption?

In Part 1 of this series, Dr Mariana Carroll discusses the key motivators and business drivers for Cloud adoption (see the video clip below). Part 2 follows with a discussion of the barriers or risks when considering Cloud adoption.

For more information on our cloud solutions; contact Dr Mariana Carroll or Kamal Ramsingh.

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