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What is Disruption really?

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Disruption has almost become synonymous with business today. But what is fuelling this business disruption? What is causing trend after trend to be disrupting the status quo? There are many potential reasons as to why and in truth it is probably the interplay of these reasons (more than the reasons on their own) that has made disruption so commonplace.

These reasons tend to be made up from the convergence of the following:

  1. analytics
  2. mobile
  3. social
  4. cloud
  5. cyber security

These forces or technological advances on their own are not what is causing technical business disruption; it is rather the way in which these forces are allowing new ways of communicating and interacting with internal and external stakeholders that is causing the disruption.

These forces unlock the tools that allow us to communicate and share information in a way that has never been done before. They allow us to access information that was thought inaccessible. In today’s business world there is no such things as  a problem unsolvable or a mountain insurmountable. As a result of this there is a huge amount of disruption in the way in which we go about solving problems.

We cannot use our traditional models of thinking and reasoning – because they are confined to the rationalisation that certain problems are always going to be problems and have to be navigated around. To use the cliché; this paradigm needs to be shifted to assume that there is an attainable solution.

This is the true disruptive spirit behind the 5 underlying forces that are driving business – all business – forward.

We will be releasing our 5th edition of the Technology Trends Report on the 18th of March in Cape Town and on the 20th of March in Johannesburg.

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