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What does Protection of Personal Information legislation mean to Enterprise Mobility?

Recently South Africa passed new legislation, whereby companies are accountable to provide governance over the protection of personal information; both company and employee related. This legislation is known as the Protection of Personal Information Act, or PPI. The PPI (Protection of Personal Information) Act, refers to the Data Life Cycle, providing rules and guidance for the following “states” of information within this life cycle: collection or creation of data; processing, marketing and cross border transfers; purpose specifications; further processing; retention requirements; destruction or archiving.

With the increasing growth and expansion of technology in our world today, many boundaries are being broken down and distance becomes irrelevant in the world of data and information systems. The cyber highways contain a wealth of information that travels round the globe in an instant. Current news articles are read seconds after they are published digitally and this form information is part of our daily lives.

Today email on a smartphone or tablet is a “must have” and employee’s can submit leave requests, claim expenses or access internal systems while on the move or while sitting at the airport waiting to catch a business flight. The problem with such vast amounts of information scattered round lead to the question “How do I ensure that my company and personal information is adequately safeguarded.

With the advent of mobile devices; laptops, smart phones and tablets, providing this information any where, any time, has a significant impact on personal information governance. From an enterprise mobility perspective, the picture looks like a piece of Swiss cheese, full of holes. They posed great risk in this information marathon to become PPI compliant.

In the event of an information “breach” companies must be confident in answering the following question, “What was done to protect this personal and company information?”

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