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What are technology enablers; and why are they relevant?

Deloitte Technology Trends 2014 - Inspiring Technology

The Annual Deloitte Technology Trends report breaks down the 10 most influential trends into two categories. Enablers and Disruptors. In this post (the first of two) we will look at what makes a trend an enabler and why it is important for CIOs. The second post in this series will look at disruptors and answer the same questions.

There are common themes in the enablers and disruptors year-on-year and these can be broken down into the 5 Technology Forces. The collision of these 5 Forces that are pushing and pulling technology into the shape it is today. In 2013 these forces were defined as Analytics; Mobile; Social: running on the Cloud and wrapped in a layer of Cyber Security. As we prepare to launch the 2014 report these 5 forces are again the focal point from which all the trends manifest themselves.

Defining Enablers

Enablers can be defined as technologies in which many CIOs have already invested time and effort, but which warrant another look this year because of new developments. Enablers may be more evolutionary than revolutionary, but the potential is there to elevate the business game with technology.

In the 2013 edition of the Technology Trends Report entitled: Elements of Postdigital the following were identified as enabling trends:

  1. Finding The Face Of Your Data
  2. Gamification Goes To Work
  3. Reinventing The ERP Engine
  4. No Such Thing As Hacker Proof
  5. The Business of IT

To find out what the enablers are for the 2014 Technology Trends entitled Inspiring Disruption; register on the link below.

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Why Are Enablers Important?

Enablers can be defined as equipment and/or methodology that, alone or in combination with related technologies, provides a way to generate giant leaps in performance and capabilities of the user.

In short they allow the business to do things that it has not been able to do before; or at least doing things in a more inexpensive and smarter way.

Some of the enablers that will be covered in the Technology Trends 2014 report include :

in-memory revolution – Many things – from ERP to cloud services to analytics – are moving from traditional, relational databases to column-based, in-memory platforms. What new capabilities does this unlock for the business? And how does it change IT?

cloud orchestration – With the rising adoption of cloud comes the demand for more complex business problems to be solved – calling for integration between cloud services (cloud to clouds), and back into core in-house/internal systems (cloud to core).

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