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We exist in a networked world and so do our cities

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Big Data gained centre stage with the advent of the social web and the emergence of interconnected devices that have almost overnight created a world where data of all types of information exists, particularly personal.

In developing cities, the reality is that operations are uncoordinated and data capture is still a heavy manual process. Modern environments benefit from having consolidated services across areas such as asset, fleet and workforce management where pertinent information is available from these departments to facilitate shorter turnarounds in service delivery, overall customer satisfaction and the understanding of bottlenecks. This is enabled by the implementation of data warehouses and business intelligence – ICT assets that developing cities still lack.

Forces are culminating into what is being called a third industrial revolution, characterised by unprecedented access to information, new emerging technologies and the convergence of information, energy and transport networks.

This article elaborates essential component that is driving the Smart Cities movement, along with more general advances in technology.

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