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Thinking about cloud? Things to think about from a human capital perspective

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The Deloitte ‘Resetting Horizons Human Capital Trends 2013’ report highlights talent and performance management as two of the key trends impacting HR and organisations. The report calls for a more integrated approach to the managing of HR, as well as an understanding the value HR can add to the organisation. HR leaders are extolled to think like economists when managing the allocation of talent (a scarce commodity in the current global environment). This means that HR should not only focus within the organisation in terms of managing human capital, but also turn their attention outwards.

Being able to understand the impact of the broader economy and diverse factors such as workforce demographics, infrastructure development, technology trends will be critical in terms of adding real value to organisations. The open talent economy is another key trend highlighted in the report, the composition of the workforce in any large organisation has shifted over the decades from a predominantly full time workforce to one that comprises a mixture of full time, part time, freelancers and increasingly people with no formal ties to the organisation.

The growing drive to provide HR business partners with the tools they require to support such a shifting workforce is being met with an explosion in the availability and capability of cloud based HR solutions.

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