The future of outsourcing as we welcome Artificial Intelligence (AI) software

Outsourcing and Artificial Intelligence Deloitte

The emerging form of process automation technology is based on the concept of software robots (also known as Artificial Intelligence/AI) workers. These robots are applications which have the ability to share and assist with activities that require human interaction. These robots require no coding experience, they are user-friendly, easy and convenient to deploy and most importantly, they are non-disruptive to the environment.
RPA will become the deal maker in any Outsourcing contract, it will also play a major balancing role between various tiers of Outsourcing service providers. Less manpower will be required as more sophisticated automation will be available, thus equipping organisations with better capabilities than those of humans. Routine and rule-based work will be done faster, efficiently and accurately (no human error).
The question remains as to whether these robots will in fact decrease employment opportunities for the human species?

RPA has created a cost deferential in Outsourcing engagement models, which simply means that job losses will not occur but instead will free up more resources in the organisation from volume-driven work to more complex and strategic jobs, thus providing the organisation with immense amounts of value – one that could bring about its competitive edge in the market. High-end services will be focused on instead of cost, as software robots increase sophistication, more processes are automated thus cost advantage is lost as cost of robots lessen.

Deloitte’s Business-Process-as-a-Service (BPaaS), is investing even further on Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in order to develop its RPA capabilities to the next level. BPaaS has established a number of strategic alliances and partnerships with companies who offer robotic automation platforms. It has gone as far as developing innovation and automation labs at the Deloitte, Woodmead Office. These labs house state-of- the-art facilities and offer capabilities to present clients with the latest automation tools and smarter technologies.

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