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The CIO transformation

There are concrete steps aspiring chief integration officers can take to realise their potential. Start with taking stock of IT’s current political capital, reputation, and maturity. Stakeholder by stakeholder, reflect on their priorities, objectives, and outcomes, and understand how IT is involved in realising their mission. Then consider the following:

Line of sight – Visibility into the balance sheet of IT is a requirement—not just the inventory but the strategic positioning, risk profile, and ROI of the asset pool.

Mind the store – Invest in the underlying capabilities of IT so that the lights are not only kept on but continuously improving.

All together now – Engage directly with line-of-business and functional leaders to help direct their priorities, goals, and dependencies toward IT.

Ecosystem – Knock down organisational boundaries wherever you can. Tap into your employees’ collective ideas, passions, and interests.

Show, don’t tell – As new ideas are being explored, thinking should eclipse constraints based on previous expectations or legacy technologies.

Industrialise innovation – Consider an innovation funnel with layers of ideation, prototyping, and incubating that narrow down the potential field.

Talent – CIOs are only as good as their teams.

The Bottom Line

Today’s CIOs have an opportunity to be the beating heart of change in a world being reconfigured by technology. Every industry in every geography across every function will likely be affected. CIOs can drive tomorrow’s possibilities from today’s realities, effectively linking business strategies to IT priorities. And they can serve as the lynchpin for digital, analytics, and innovation efforts that affect every corner of the business and are anything but independent, isolated endeavours. Chief integration officers can look to control the collisions of these potentially competing priorities and harness their energies for holistic, strategic, and sustainable results.

To learn more about the CIO as chief integration officer, click here or contact Kamal Ramsingh, the Africa Technology Leader.

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