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Tech Trends 2013: Elements of Postdigital: Wrapping Up

2013 Tech Trends

When the trends are selected we look at what’s happening in the marketplace with our clients, what’s happening in the industry, across geographies and across the lines of business. We select our top trends from a long list, but we apply three specific rules to identify the key trends each year, to ensure they are not simply flash-in-the-pan noise.

The first rule is that they have to be business-led and technology-enabled, as opposed to technology-only, or technology-centric. The second rule is that each of our trends needs to be relevant in a time horizon of 12 to 24 months; in other words, showing significant adoption in a general enterprise business marketplace. The third rule is to find at least three examples of real life adoption along the path of the trend in the general business marketplace.

Each year, the report outlines the core technology trends for which forward-thinking organisations should consider developing an explicit strategy. Whatever organisations may decide, they do not want to be caught unaware or unprepared.

In South Africa, CIOs are finding that the scale of the opportunity that exists in the centre where the 5 forces converge is large; and a thorough understanding of each trend is vital.

All South African industries are affected and they need to take advantage of these forces to incrementally improve their existing processes and offerings, in order to reshape their operating models, business models and marketplaces.

As we leave 2013 behind us; it is well worth revisiting the 2013 trends as we prepare to launch the Tech Trends 2014: Inspiring Disruption report.

To ensure that you are in the loop with the 2014 Tech Trends report; please click on the link below and register to receive the report and a free  invitation to our events in March of 2014.

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