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State of mining in Africa

state of mining

Mining companies around the world are looking for growth opportunities and Africa, with its wealth of minerals, has become a choice for many with over 1,800 mining projects in various stages of development or operation.

Miners, investors and governments strive to overcome a host of challenges to become successful in their endeavours. The objective of this paper is to take stock of the key themes which are surfacing across the continent.

The State of Mining in Africa – Striking a balance, is a consolidated point of view of the Deloitte mining leaders across Africa backed by research. We have taken a snapshot view of several mining regions across Africa and share some of what is happening with regard to policy, infrastructure and funding.

It is a follow-on from the State of mining in South Africa: Opportunity lost or light at the end of the tunnel report released in February 2013. The Deloitte Africa mining leader’s views are shaped from their experiences in the relevant regions as well as data taken from key business and industry reports.

Download the paper . . . . The State of Mining in Africa – Striking a balance

If you have any questions or require a more detailed discussion on any of the subject matter presented in the paper, please contact Abrie Olivier at or any of the regional contacts listed at the end of the paper.

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