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State of Mining in Africa – In the spotlight

state of mining in africa

We are pleased to launch the second edition of the State of Mining in Africa – In the spotlight report.

We have taken a snapshot view of several mining regions across Africa and review the critical elements for a successful mining operation.

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Key points

  • Exploration is down – Exploration spend across Africa is at an estimated $1.7Bn for 2014, however, the DRC continues to gain exploration spend ‘market share’
  • Less than 30 Mining projects across Africa – There are just under 30 new mines planned to come into full production between now and 2018 totalling $18Bn in investment
  • DRC & Zambia copper projects dominate by number at 9 – The DRC is developing more projects and taking much more investment spend going forward
  • It’s all about head grade as “high risk” doesn’t mean “no-go” The DRC does, however, remain to be perceived as more difficult to do business with an ease of doing business rating of 184 compared to Zambia’s 111
  • Infrastructure build is on track, but still not meeting the demand of mineral projects on the continent.

This is a consolidated point of view of the Deloitte mining leaders across Africa, backed by our research.

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