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Securing industrial control systems – Don’t be a victim of cyber attacks

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The International Telecommunications Union predicts that the number of connected devices will reach 25 billion by 2020, up from 10 billion in 2011. The vision of Securing Industrial Control Systems is supplementary to securing ‘Connected Devices/Technology’, also referred to as the ‘Internet of Things’.

Trends in information security

The world is becoming increasingly connected. New technologies are constantly introduced, devices and people are getting more connected, networking technology has become more intense and organisations have come to depend increasingly on IT solutions. With the rising use of new technology and connectivity, cybercrime also increases significantly. The use and abuse of hacker tools grows in parallel with the increase of security related controversies in society.

Trends in industrial control systems

Industrial control systems (ICS) were designed and initially deployed in isolated networks, running on proprietary protocols with custom software. The exposure of these control systems to cyber threats was therefore limited. During the past years we witnessed new business needs which triggered office information technology and operational technology integration and use of Internet enabled communication. In addition, the use of off-the-shelve software and hardware became a standard practice for ICS owners, increasing the exposure surface. The coexistence of legacy and new equipment, accompanied by the IT/OT integration and the use of off-the- shelf software, create vulnerable setups that can be abused by attackers.

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