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Retailers and consumer goods companies make strides to empower consumers to make healthy choices

Major global and local retailers and consumer product manufacturers, such as Pick n Pay, Walmart, P&G and Unilever participated in a survey by the Consumer Goods Forum (in partnership with Deloitte), that tracks their progress against the following health & wellness resolutions:

  • Access and availability of products and services – specifically food & beverages as well as personal care products
  • Product information and responsible marketing
  • Communication and education about healthier diets and lifestyles,

…and the following commitments:

  • By 2016: Make company policies public on nutrition and product formulation
  • By 2018: Industry-wide implementation of consistent product labeling and consumer information to help consumers make informed choices and usages
  • By 2016: Implement employee health and wellness programs
  • By 2018: Stop targeted advertising to children under 12 for products that do not fulfill specific nutrition criteria based on scientific evidence and/or applicable national and international dietary guidelines.

These Resolutions & Commitments were designed to improve the “physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, and sustainable well-being” of consumers, shoppers, employees, their families, and the communities the industry serves.

Key findings

Progress made against resolutions

Steady progress has been made with Resolutions since 2014 with retailers and consumer product manufacturers implementing programmes in two or all three of the Resolutions and more companies are setting targets against these Resolutions. In 2015, 86% of companies set targets compared to 79% in 2014. There is also strong signs of increasing transparency, with 79% of companies sharing their policies publically.

Progress made against commitments

Given that this is the first measurement conducted after the creation of the Commitments in 2014, it is to be expected that the rate of progress against the Commitments (55%) is not as high as it is for the Resolutions (80%).

  • 49% have publically communicated their nutrition and formulation policies
  • 55% have implemented Employee Health and Wellness programmes
  • 43% implemented the Consumer Information & Product Labelling Commitment
  • 49% are publically supporting the CGF Advertising to Children Commitment

You are welcome to engage with us further on this topic of health & wellness and what it means for business. Do you think retailers and consumer product companies are playing a big enough role in creating a healthier world?

Download the full 2016 Health & Wellness report for further reading.

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