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Results of the Deloitte 2013 Southern African CFO survey

Results of the Deloitte 2013 CFO survey

CFO Survey 2013 – Endurance: the journey continues

We are proud to present our 6th Deloitte CFO Survey to you. This year our survey was extended to include CFOs operating in five African Countries (Botswana, Malawi, Namibia, South Africa and Zambia). Deloitte conducts this survey each year to provide a better understanding of the current mind-set of CFOs.

From this survey, we hope to gain insights into the underlying mood of CFOs and to ascertain what the underlying drivers are which are shaping their behaviour and driving their strategic choices.

In our survey we also seek to determine whether there is a convergence or divergence of views on a number of topics and whether or not there are common trends among actions proposed by CFOs that may be insightful to their peers and to other readers of this report, including canvassing CFOs views on:

  • the economy and current business climate
  • their strategic intent
  • the cost of funding (interest rates) and the availability of funding
  • short and medium term currency outlook
  • cash flow and investment priorities for 2013 and beyond
  • availability and use of key talent
  • growth opportunities in Africa and other markets
  • topical subjects such as E-Tolling, BEE, smart technology and social media, and
  • the performance and role of the CFO

We are delighted to report that we have had an overwhelming response to our survey this year. In fact so much so, that we achieved our best level of participation in the survey since its inception. This has provided us with rich insights as to what’s top of mind for CFOs as they navigate through the stormy waters that lie ahead.

Deloitte, around the globe, recognises the crucial role CFOs play as decision makers in their respective companies and the daily challenges that CFOs face as they juggle between the roles of Steward, Operator, Catalyst and Strategist. We have a well-established CFO Programme with the purpose of supporting and partnering with CFOs in their challenging environment and we have assisted many CFOs to unlock great potential for themselves and their companies in the past.

We sincerely hope that the insights and information provided in this report will be of great value to you.

Download the survey . . . . Results of the Deloitte 2013 CFO survey

If you have any questions relating to the content of the survey results, feel free to contact Rodger George (Director – Consulting) at and Graeme Berry (Partner – Audit) at

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