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Mitigating concerns when moving to the Clouds (Part 2)

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As many companies consider moving some (or most) of their data to the Cloud, they grapple with the decision of what data to move and when to move that data. There are varying levels of sensitivity to having data in the Cloud, or off-premises, rather than on-premises. Regulatory and industry considerations become prevalent in the data location decision making . For other considerations, such as those stemming from the fear of losing control over data and IT resources or others accessing content, an evaluation of the content by purpose can help clarify the decision about what data, if any, to move to the Cloud.

With the acceptance of Cloud Computing becoming more prevalent, decision makers should consider how Cloud Computing can transform their organisation and redefine the strategic use of information technology. It is imperative to understand the relative benefits and costs of moving to the Cloud (see Reaching for the Clouds (Part 1) of this series). But also considering the specific risks such as security, privacy, compliance and regulations, bandwidth, network infrastructure, process complexity and the degree of customisation required (see the video clip below).

There are tools and resources to help you navigate the decision and path to the Cloud. The Deloitte Cloud Computing Offering provides additional insights and tools including the Cloud readiness assessment and a Cloud risk intelligence map to help you navigate your Cloud journey.

For more information on our cloud solutions; contact Dr Mariana Carroll or Kamal Ramsingh.

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