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Metrics that Matter – Social Software for Business Performance

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When will social software prove itself?

Senior executives are skeptical of the value of social software. Their reluctance is understandable but self-defeating. Social software has the potential to address operational “pain points” and significantly enhance business performance in the short–term and transform it in the long–term.

Companies that embrace this opportunity will have a distinct advantage over their competitors; skeptics will likely finish last. Yet skepticism persists, in part, because social software evangelists are their own worst enemy.

They have failed to effectively communicate how social software can drive real operating benefits. Social software has unique capabilities to address current operating challenges and improve operating metrics. The experiences of two early adopters demonstrate that business performance improvements are possible.

OSIsoft realised a 22% improvement in average time to issue resolution through the customer support team’s use of Socialtext wikis. Alcoa Fastening Systems experienced a 61% reduction in time spent on compliance activities through the use of Traction Software.

Both companies believe these improvements would have been impossible without their respective social software tools. Both companies also diverged from traditional implementation strategies. Their experiences point toward a strategy for deriving tangible performance improvements and achieving short-term impact with a modest investment in social software tools.

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