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Introduction to eradicating guesswork in renewable energy projects

eradicating guesswork

The quest to secure sustainable renewable energy capacity is critical. This is particularly the case in South Africa and Africa alike. To provide energy that fuels equitable economic growth for citizens, African countries require a hybrid national grid, where the power utilities are supported by a vibrant private energy sector.

To achieve this in South Africa, the Department of Energy is driving a bidding process through which Renewable Energy projects (PV, CSP, Wind and Small Hydro) are expected to integrate into the energy grid in the near future.

At this juncture, capital efficiencies in renewable energy build programmes must be activated to overcome financing complexities and challenges. The truth (uncut) is simply this. The current environment in which renewable energy plant developers operate is one in which financial sustainability is at risk due to areas that can be managed, but not controlled.

It is only through achieving sustainable levels of project optimisation that developers will put themselves in a position to successfully structure their project despite uncontrollable factors.

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