Improving Cost Reduction and Workforce Productivity through Outsourcing- Success Story in the Financial Services Industry


South Africa’s volatile economic environment provides challenges for organisations belonging to different industries. The disruptive nature of today’s business landscape forces organisations to evaluate their business models. The financial services industry in Africa is going through some strain due to globalisation. The dilemma continues for the search of skills, allowing an organisation to deploy ‘the right people at the right time’. New technologies have been found to disrupt the value proposition for existing services and products, thus improving service delivery and product offerings.

A technology company whose objective was to drive operational cost reduction, partnered with Deloitte’s Shared Services Centre in an outsourcing arrangement to optimise services in a more cost effective manner and provide access to additional skills and capabilities. Through this business partnership, the client has gained the following:

  • Vast skills and expertise
  • Continuous improvement
  • Reduction in costs
  • Swift resolution to queries enabled by a favourable time-zone

The client’s vision is to achieve operational excellence, by doubling their invoice processing productivity this vision would be half met. Deloitte’s service offering ranged from global accounts payable and supplier master file maintenance to travel and expense audit.

The art of constructing a successful business partnership takes considerable effort, but the benefits derived have equipped executives with the right tools to answer critical business questions on how to build a sustainable future for their organisations in conjunction with key partners.

Download our case study to read more about Deloitte’s business partnership in action in the Financial Service industry.


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