Africa Human Capital Strategy

How would your employees rate their company?

“In a business environment where the pace of change is palpably speeding up; where even Fortune 500 companies do not have a lifespan of more than 40 years; where the average lifespan of all companies in Europe and Japan is 12,5 years; where the Millennial generation expects instant feedback on performance; and where a market disrupter can come from anywhere anytime; it is the soft issues which have become the hard issues in a boardroom. Competitive advantage lies not in technology or products but in your people,” explains Ursula Fear, Director of Human Capital for Deloitte Consulting.

The 2015 South African Human Capital Trends Report cited Culture & Engagement as the top trend in terms of importance. This is not just a local issue we are dealing with, this trend is a global problem with dire consequences if not taken seriously.

If your employees rated their place of work, how would you company fair?

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