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How to survive and thrive in today’s economic environment

survive and thrive

Deloitte Human Capital have published an article which discusses how organisations can survive and thrive in today’s economic environment and why e-learning and electronic assessments CAN work for you in these tough times.

The article provides recommendations on managing talent during a down turn and asks the following questions:

  • Are you actively looking at your own function in terms of how you can reduce costs, restructure, and add more value?
  • Are you scrutinizing every single program and service you provide for business relevancy and impact?
  • Are you working at the very top of the organisation to ensure that decisions around talent initiatives are taken with a long-term view?  Often, budgets for training, mentoring and developing people are often the first to go as pressures to reduce costs mount.
  • Are you actively seeking innovative ways to offer the same level of talent support while reducing your expenses? For example, virtual and e-learning programs offer a very viable alternative to continue a reasonable level of training and development at 50 to 75 percent of the cost of traditional classroom delivery.
  • Perhaps most of all, are you serving as the cultural “watch dog” of your organisation? Perhaps there is no more important role you can play than to help your organisation and its leaders shift from a state of learned helplessness and fear to one of “we will get through this.”

And, at the end of the day, nothing is more important to your organisations survival now and your success tomorrow than the quality of talent you are responsible for hiring, developing and engaging.

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