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How to compete in tumultuous times and operate in complexity


The current operating environment in which today’s leaders’ navigate is characterized by uncertainty and rapid change, with the growing influence of technology impacting business decision and organisational behaviour.

Despite improved global financial conditions and reduced short-term risks, the world economy continues to expand at a subdued pace. After a marked downturn over the past two years, global economic activity is expected to slowly gain momentum with a low-growth pattern expected to persist for at least several years. The macro environment in which senior leaders must learn to operate is no longer characterised by extraordinarily rapid growth punctuated by short and sharp V-shaped downturns and recoveries that affect only particular geographies.

Now senior leaders tasks will involve developing strategies to successfully steer companies through a rapidly hanging, uncertain and complex environment. Furthermore executives will need to find ways to navigate this environment by taking advantage of the growing role and impact that technology has in influencing business trends.

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