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How do you get your HR function to lead you through a VUCA world?

HR Partnering Approach

VUCA – an environment of relentless Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity. How do you get your HR function to lead your organization through a VUCA world?

For a decade now, HR has been undergoing a process of transformation. For many organisations however, this process has increasingly failed to produce the results expected of it. During these times of rapidly changing economics, HR is faced with a stark choice. It can either evolve and make a significant contribution to the business or be diminished and dispersed into the business and other functions.

Introducing the HR Business Partnering Model. In South Africa, many organisations have implemented the business partnering model which is seen as key to accelerating the evolution of the HR function. Most organisations are however struggling to understand how HR Business Partners should contribute to the business.

HR Business Partnering: A Custom Approach looks at the key challenges for HR Business Partners as trends associated with organisations that have implemented successful HR Business Partner models.

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