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How do you future proof your organisation? Get fit for VUCA


The rapid speed of change in business is no state secret. Military planners, amongst others refer to the current environment as VUCA. In this context volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity change the dynamics of engagement and in Financial Services, disruptors are intensifying, requiring a decisive focus on Human Capital.

  • How do you lead your people though change effectively?
  • How do you derive value from the hurdles of regulation?
  • How do you make sure you have the most capable people?
  • How do you set the tone at the top?
  • How do you get your HR function to lead you though a VUCA world?
  • How will your people make or break your expansion into new territories?

Do you have the answers?

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  • A brilliant video. Challenging and great food for thought!
    The VUCA environment operates at the edge of chaos where the forces of instability and stability compete. Under these circumstances complexity theory applies including concepts like chaos, field theory, strange attractors, emergence and the butterfly effect, where small changes can lead to major and unintended consequences (see Wheatley: Leadership and the new science; Senge: The necessary revolution; Jaworsky: Synchronicity; Scharmer and Kaufer: Leading from the emerging future; et al) Strategy under these conditions are based on these principles (see Brown and Eisenhardt: Strategy on the Edge of Chaos). Not easy and of course uncomfortable and experimental. We indeed see trough a glass darkly, and sensemaking is fraught with difficulty.

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