How are you driving engagement, and getting the best out of your employees?

One can ask the question why Deloitte made this strategic decision and the answer is simple: at the core organisations are under global pressure to be re-thinking their performance management strategies – with predictions contending that by 2020 up to 50% of the workforce will be Millennials. There is a struggle in organisations in bridging the gap across the generations to understand and – more importantly – how to meet the demands of their new workforce.

Over time the Best Company Survey has evolved in line with client needs and global trends. Given the competitive environment businesses currently operate, Deloitte’s Best Company Survey has been specifically re-designed to assist organisations to measure both its attractiveness and employee engagement at a scientific level, which can be compared year on year.


Although the Survey has migrated away from a competition, it still recognises the importance of celebrating an organisations brand. Based on the Best Company Score, organisations are awarded a Deloitte Seal of Achievement, ranging from Bronze to the newly introduced Platinum level. This seal enables organisations to demonstrate, both internally and externally their commitment to driving and improving its attractiveness, and its commitment to its best asset – its people

The survey offers organisations a comprehensive insight report which can filter down to specific attributes of the organisation, its culture and how and at what level of importance employee engagement is affected. Moreover, organisations have access to their data through the Deloitte Survey Portal, which allows for ongoing access and analysis. What sets this survey apart from the rest is tthat the attraction and employee engagement measurements can be ‘sliced and diced’ through the selection of key demographics to enable targeted human capital strategies.

Employee engagement, like culture, has become a CEO-level issue. There is an escalating battle to design great work spaces, provide flexible benefits, and create great corporate cultures in an effort to drive higher engagement. The goal for creating these experiences, is to encourage and drive the optimal productivity levels from their employees and to be considered ‘an employer of choice’.



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