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Headstart: A new approach to leadership development

vuca3 VUCA – an environment of relentless Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity. How do you set the tone at the top in a VUCA world?

Market perceptions of leaders move share prices and the Deloitte publication, The Leadership Premium: how companies win the confidence of investors, reveals just how much. The report puts a hard metric on the “intangible asset” of leadership, revealing that, in some sectors, good leaders can account for more than one-fifth of equity value.  In interview after interview, analysts told Deloitte that the quality of senior leadership helped decide the long-term potential of a stock. The gap between the value of an effectively-led and ineffectively-led company could, says the paper, be as much as 35.5 percent. So how do analysts judge leaders—and how can companies bridge that gap?

The past few years have seen a greater focus on leadership and leadership development than ever before. But investment in leadership programmes, leadership retreats and e-learning tools doesn’t seem to be paying off in tangible and sustainable results.  This is according to a report released by the Deloitte LEAD team titled Head start: A new approach to leadership development. How do you ensure leadership development programmes benefit organisations in the long term? How do you sustain behavioural change? The answers, says the Deloitte LEAD team, lie in understanding leaders’ minds.

Click here to read The Leadership Premium: how companies win the confidence of investors

Click here to read Head start: A new approach to leadership development

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