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Global Powers of Consumer Products 2013

Engaging the connected consumer.

Deloitte has just released the 6th edition of Global Powers of Consumer Products. This report lists the world’s largest 250 consumer product companies and provides analysis of the year’s activity by product sector and geography, as well as by market cap. This year’s edition also takes a retrospective look at changes to the list over the last several years.

Despite that fact that South Africa’s only entrant in recent years failed to make the list this year, there is nevertheless still much contained in the report that could be of interest to South African based Consumer Products companies. These could include:

  • The number of relatively unknown Indo-Chinese manufacturers that are appearing on the list and whose names are becoming increasingly common in the market on the African continent.
  • The relative performance of South African companies that are now listed on global exchanges.
  • The relative performance of global manufacturers (relative to their peers) that have interests in African entities.

I would also like to direct your attention to the section of the report that focuses on how the digitally empowered consumer is completely changing the game for companies in this sector. Technology is affecting the way consumers interact with brands, how they research products, purchase via multiple channels, and how they receive post-purchase customer service. This is a global phenomenon that is forcing companies to radically change their strategies so that they have a single view of the consumer – whether he or she is buying in a store, on the internet, or via mobile device. And understanding how to use big data is at the core of this.

Although the report rightly acknowledges the leadership position that FMCG companies often enjoy in the field of collecting and understanding data, and in particular consumer, analytics, there is much that can be learnt from our retail partners in terms of managing an Omni-channel environment, as opposed to having a blanket customer segmentation scheme. This becomes a critical component in any African expansion strategy, especially given the projected growth in e-commerce and m-commerce on a continent that has really embraced mobile telecommunication.

Download the complete report here – Global Powers of Consumer Products 2013

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