Four steps to create an effective centre of excellence

Centre of Excellence

Many companies already rely on an internal group of experts to support their enterprise resource planning (ERP) projects. Whether they call it a COE or not, every company needs to set up an organisation to maintain, care for and improve its ERP project after it goes live.

Companies look at the tremendous size of the investment they’ve just made in an ERP implementation and recognise that there is a need to keep going to get the required value and return from it. A COE should focus on improving business efficiency, continuously enhancing new tools and capabilities to meet evolving business requirements and maintaining the solution on an ongoing basis.

However, a COE should not be confused with a basic IT maintenance organisation. In addition to routine care, the COE should focus on change management and advancing the organisation. ERP projects are very different from traditional IT projects. They bring together a very diverse, multi-disciplined team and usually have very high stakes in improving the business and gaining good, solid ROI.

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  • Having learnt a bit about ERP in my Informatics module last semester I found this article to be very insightful as it expanded my basic knowledge. Point 1 to me was the most important as an organisation thrives on leadership and that is what we are busy with now in most of my courses.These tips on building a successful COE will surely benefit many future entrepreneurs in the country.

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