Effective Elearning takes a multi-sensory, layered approach

The current learning landscape is in the midst of a disruptive state, where all the players – from small start-up graphic studios to the large consulting companies are clambering to make a difference in the digital learning space and become masters of eLearning expertise. It is a place of re-imagined digital experiences that is revolutionising the way we learn.

As with all things in an emerging, developmental state, what’s on offer is far from an end product that always delivers effectively. In fact it is easy to be blinded by a plethora of the latest eLearning fads and trendy buzzwords that refer to Gamification, mLearning, BYOD, Blended Learning and Localization. Where do you start in this new digital space that promises so much and combines innovation, technology and disruption like never before? Enticing and unfamiliar all at once.

In principle many of the methods are sound, and much of the hype stems from creative solutions borrowed from a well-matured marketing industry. However, it sometimes overlooks the significant fact that content is – and always will remain king. This is the part where the Deloitte Digital Learning experience sets itself apart from the flashy buzzwords that excite the Millennials and generation “Z”ers to delivers bold, transformative learning solutions.

Where do we start?

At Deloitte we understand that communication is key to achieving optimum results in the eLearning space. It requires a multi-sensory, layered approach.

  • We start with the Written word as the obvious first point of contact. Are you communicating in the learner’s native tongue and vernacular? Are you speaking to their level of education, intellect and aspirations? These considerations can greatly enhance your chances of “breaking through” and getting your audience to participate and engage. People are more likely to buy products that they easily understand. Make the content understandable and they’ll buy into your content.
  • Music adds colour to our existence as it taps into a subconscious palate of emotions, moods and memories. It sets the tone, adds pace and drives your message home with conviction.
  • Visual Communication. Careful consideration should be given to the visual communications methodology used, making measured and informed selections around religion, culture, race and gender visual iconography. Form should always follow function, so special care should be taken when considering current trends, popular and social culture in the design application.

What makes for effective eLearning?

The space of ELearning is uncharted waters for many, but in this dynamic and fast-changing competitive landscape it’s important to understand a few of the basics:

  • Know your audience. A thorough understanding of the target audience is crucial in determining how content will be developed.
  • Develop a roadmap. Knowing the macro landscape of the learning objective is imperative in the development of each programme, module, section and slide.
  • Speak their language. Choose your words, sentences and descriptions carefully. Translate content the audience doesn’t yet know to a level they can comprehend and internalise.
  • A catch. Google eLearning buzzwords for a list of how to’s. There are many ways of engaging an audience, however take care in your selection as entertainment should never be a substitute for learning competence.
  • Make it as sexy as hell. Chances are your current up-skill audience are Millennials and beyond. Gen-Y’s and Z’s know stuff and understand visual design better than ever. Don’t skimp on design and apply your chosen identity consistently. Layouts should be functional, intuitive, beautiful and most importantly – simple.
  • Check your facts thoroughly –this generation will catch you out faster than you can type the word Cloud.
  • Delivery counts – do it well. Take careful consideration of your technical delivery platform.
  • Is it cloud-based or localised?
  • Is it scalable?
  • What is the maintainability like?
  • Is there sufficient testing ability?
  • How about future proofing?

Deloitte continues to set the standard of excellence and innovation in the consulting and digital landscape. Our digital offerings, including eLearning, are a core part of our business – they start and end with your business goals and your organisation’s unique needs.

We want to make learning count for you. Ensure what you are offering, developing and presenting is relevant, deliverable and most importantly useful. The Deloitte Digital Learning team is ready to work with you to achieve this.

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Human Capital – Learning Solutions
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