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Do common perceptions of millennials still hold up?

What leaders need to know about the millennial mix

Over the last two decades, as millennials have entered the workplace and evolved in their roles, many stereotypes have developed about the generation that reached adulthood around the turn of the 21st century. Commonly portrayed as idealistic and overzealous, millennials have often been unfairly characterised as valuing passion over performance and fulfilment over hard work – all while expecting the corner office.

Now that millennials are deeply entrenched in the workforce, do these stereotypes hold up? How can CFOs and other business leaders better understand the particular work style traits of this generation? To find out, Deloitte LLP conducted a generational study based on Business Chemistry®, a behavioral assessment framework that matches individuals to one – sometimes two – of four types: Drivers, who are experimental competitors; Guardians, who are detailed-oriented pragmatists; Integrators, who are empathic diplomats; and Pioneers, who are outgoing risk-takers.

In this issue of CFO Insights, we look at where millennials fall in the Business Chemistry framework and outline some of the tactics CFOs might use to engage members of this generation in the workplace.

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