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Digital M&A: Propelling the CFO to the role of strategist

How digital tools are helping unlock M&A value

Heading into 2018, factors driving M&A have remained intact for the past few years. Winning in this environment calls for CFOs to help their companies achieve greater advantage in speed, efficiency and value creation by leveraging digital tools.

CFOs are primarily positioned to contribute strategically to the M&A process given the growing selection of digital tools. They will surpass the traditional duty centered around post-deal integration. This will allow for a more holistic view of M&A. By getting involved in the formative stages, CFOs will be better equipped to identify acquisition targets, clarify the hypothesis supporting proposed deals and facilitate a holistic approach to due diligence.

Leveraging digital tools does not guarantee an increase in the value of the deal, however, the process is sure to run a lot smoother at a lower cost, and close-off within a shorter space of time.

This issue of CFO Insights discusses how the expanding array of digital tools can be used at different stages of the M&A process. Click here to read on.

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