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Deloitte launches Technical Mining Advisory business

Global professional services firm Deloitte is expanding its suite of technical and strategic solutions to the mining industry with the launch of Deloitte Technical Mining Advisory (“DTMA”). Built on the foundation of Venmyn Deloitte, acquired in 2012, Deloitte is adding a capability focused on techno-strategic advisory services to the global mining industry. Fresh on the back of the launch of the Deloitte Intelligent Mine, mining companies can now look to Deloitte for a full array of value creating consulting and assurance solutions, in addition to the traditional technical services previously offered by Venmyn Deloitte.

In addition to its deep sector expertise in mineral asset valuations, techno-economic reporting and corporate finance advisory, DTMA now also focuses on technical solutions that drive value creation for clients. The technical advisory solutions incorporate mining strategy, capital projects and technical elements of Deloitte’s highly successful operational excellence solutions. Aligning with its position within a global audit and financial advisory firm, the business also offers risk and assurance solutions such as mineral resource audits and metal accounting.

Managing Director Chris de Vries explains that this is the culmination of the full integration of the Venmyn Deloitte business: “Our vision has always been to offer Deloitte clients a full spectrum of mining consulting solutions. The launch of Deloitte Technical Mining Advisory marks that milestone with the full integration of the legacy Venmyn Deloitte business and the addition of a technical advisory capability built on Deloitte Consulting’s world leading management consulting blue-print.”

Headquartered in Johannesburg South Africa, DTMA has a global reach thanks to the Deloitte network and key leadership deployments in mining finance centres London and Toronto. Director of Global Markets Neil McKenna on the new business model: “Clients are increasingly looking for technical advisors that can go beyond their deep technical skill set and offer strategic insight. The addition of a technical advisory capability puts us on the path to becoming the global leader in techno-economic review and techno-strategic advisory in the mining sector.”

De Vries believes there is a critical role to play by the likes of DTMA: “With tier 1 replacement projects few and far between, the global mining industry has to ensure it gets the most out of existing mines. We see a need for a full ore-body to product view of operations to find optimal operational strategies that maximise value. This can’t be provided by single-discipline technocrats, but requires a multi-disciplinary team with the clear goal of delivering value.” With its roots in the specialist field of mineral asset valuations, De Vries says DTMA has a deep understanding of the value drivers for an operation. This, coupled with Deloitte’s proven operational excellence methodologies and exciting new Intelligent Mine use-cases provide clients with superior advisory solutions.

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