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Current trends and opportunities in renewable energy

renewable energy

The objective of this paper is to identify for developers, investors and policy-makers a few of the more important current trends and opportunities in renewable energy, point out where significant barriers to progress lie, and suggest strategies for dealing with them.

The idea is to help you and your organisation think through what you need to do to take advantage of current conditions, wherever in the world you are located. In addition to the range of sources cited throughout the document, the paper also incorporates the insight and experience of Deloitte renewable professionals from around the world.

It is, of course, impossible to give one-size-fits-all advice to companies and other organisations concerned about and affected trends in renewable energy. Meanwhile, individual readers aren’t necessarily served by an exhaustive tome that tries to anticipate and advice on all positive strategic manoeuvres.

There is simply too much diversity amongst organisations and too many unknowns. To discuss these issues in more detail, how they affect your business and what you can do about it, I invite you to contact one of the Deloitte professionals identified at the end of the document.

Read the paper . . . . Alternative thinking 2013 – Renewable energy under the microscope

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