CFOs talk off the record about Finance transformation in a digital world

30 CFOs shared their unfiltered thoughts and experiences around the topic of finance in the digital world and what it means to them to make the digital journey. Deloitte knows that one way to stay abreast of new developments is to join in focused conversations with other finance leaders, across multiple industries and geographies.

Our 2017 Crunch Time Too report explores what finance executives have to say about digital disruption and how they are affected by it.

Some of the highlights from the report:

  • CFOs talk digital

Technology has provided business executives with an opportunity to be more digitally focused. Finance packaging processes, such as external reporting and budgeting, have been improved within organisations by utilising digital disruptions.

  • CFOs talk transformation

Forums such as the Finance Transformation, provide a unique focus on driving automation for processes that previously operated manually and have now evolved digitally; such as reconciling accounts and sub-ledger reconciliations.

Other transformation opportunities identified by business executives include creating a better process for individuals in sales and developing touchless customer transactions for a sales representative to provide a quote and facilitate the purchase process in a completely digital format.

Business leaders expect finance to deliver better insights faster, so they can make smarter decisions with less risk. Finance transformation in a digital world is all about meeting those expectations quickly and efficiently.

Explore the full 2017 Crunch Time Too report for more.

Contacts Details:

Valter Adao
Chief Digital & Innovation Officer
Deloitte Africa

Dirk Kotze
Finance Transformation Leader
Strategy and Operations | Consulting


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