Building on a foundation of culture and engagement

From the get-go companies need to acknowledge that there is a need for a new approach to employee engagement – one that builds on the foundation of culture and engagement to focus on the employee experience holistically while considering all the contributors to worker satisfaction, engagement, wellness and alignment.

Taking this into consideration Deloitte’s Best Company Survey addressed two key index measurements:

  • Attractiveness – an employee’s alignment to the brand, and attractiveness to the organisation
  • Engagement (the sum of attraction + activation) – the measurement of an employee’s individual discretionary effort to the organisation.


At a more granular level attractiveness is calculated based on how employees respond to statements which are categorised within the following dimensions, Accomplishment and Growth, Values & Culture, Fairness & Integrity and Care and Feedback. The responses to these dimensions are prioritised in terms of importance via smart analytics (the IMPACT score). This IMPACT score allows organisations to then effectively address these issues in terms of priority/impact. Essentially what needs to be improved and what needs to be celebrated to maintain and increase levels of organisational attractiveness.

Engagement focuses on key questions which are able to assess how employees think, act and feel within the organisation on a day to day basis, and how this impacts their discretionary effort.

BCS 4Interestingly reflecting on analysis from the 2016 Best Company Survey participation two key issues for high flyers across all generations at high performing organisations which was equal pay and benefits. Further to this what was highlighted from millennial high flyers was delivery on promises. Looking at the resigned (dis-engaged) portion of the survey analysis, for millennials with poor levels of personal accomplishment being flagged as holding most importance.

The Best Company Survey affords business the opportunity to address issues highlighted by their employees in their pursuit of becoming an employer of choice. At the core the survey not only highlights the issues of contention, but strives to provide a framework to which companies can work in their pursuit of excellence.

The key take-out – engagement is key.


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