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9 critical trends influencing strategic priorities – New Leadership

Business trends 2014

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New global giants now compete aggressively in many sectors, and senior executives might find their individual and collective leadership roles evolving fast.

Business Trends 2014: Navigating the next wave of globalization features nine trends all directly related to a major question for many organizations: What is going on with the global economy? These trends – firmly rooted in longer term and probably irreversible shifts – will increasingly influence strategic priorities. This is the final blog post in our series, but please download and read the full piece.

New Leadership

  1. Giants, old and new: Many firms from emerging markets have strengths that have served them well at home, and also position them for expansion into new markets. More established global corporations have important, hard-won, and long-standing advantages of their own. The field is set for a new, highly competitive game.
  2. CFO as Chief frontier Officer: Global companies understand that their senior executives must be attuned to risk in its many forms and able to navigate new markets with integrity and confidence. CFOs are particularly well positioned to lead such growth efforts, given their abilities to manage risk, provide objective counsel, and bring analytical rigor to strategic choices.
  3. The C-Suite – Time for version 3.0?: The next wave of globalization is bringing unfamiliar opportunities and challenges, along with increased diversity and complexity. The next generation C-suite must transcend functional boundaries to secure enhanced alignment and coherence through multi-faceted changes, without defaulting back to the command and control arrangements of a bygone era.

For more information on how these trends may affect your business, please contact Thomas Jankovich, Abrie Olivier or Valter Adão from Strategy & Innovation | Deloitte Consulting Africa.

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