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9 critical trends influencing strategic priorities – New Collaborations

Business trends 2014

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Fast-paced change puts a premium on innovation — and therefore on enhanced collaboration capabilities, more global deployment of “social business” technologies, and optimization of supply chains.

Business Trends 2014: Navigating the next wave of globalization features nine trends all directly related to a major question for many organizations: What is going on with the global economy? These trends – firmly rooted in longer term and probably irreversible shifts – will increasingly influence strategic priorities. We will be fleshing out the 3 trends in more detail over the next few weeks here…

New Collaborations

  1. Innovations from everywhere: Innovation is now, truly, a global game. After centuries of near unidirectional innovation — from the West to the rest — we are today in the early days of a massive rebalancing. The nature and means of innovation is also shifting, with a bigger role for those at the fringes of organizations.
  2. Social business, global business: As social media, technologies, and data become more broadly used within global companies, maturity is growing. Companies are building the processes and the organizational structure to grow globally as social businesses.
  3. Anticipatory supply chains: As established supply chains evolve into rich supply networks, those who see these networks as core to their strategies may be best positioned for growth. Their supply chains will not only perform efficiently and recover quickly from disruptions, but may also be able to spot and avert risks.

For more information on how these trends may affect your business, please contact Thomas Jankovich, Abrie Olivier or Valter Adão from Strategy & Innovation | Deloitte Consulting Africa.

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