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5 key strategies to successfully implement project portfolio management

project portfolio management

Dr Clive Enoch of Deloitte Consulting has written an article which identifies 5 key strategies to successfully implement project portfolio management.

Project Portfolio Management – Strategies for successful implementation

Organisations continuously face the challenge of meeting the demand of doing more with limited resources. Increasingly, organisations have to get their products even quicker to market, and must be able to adapt quickly to changing environmental and legislative needs and requirements.

Management by projects has been marketed in industry as the key towards meeting these challenges, or at least help in bringing about some structure in the way work is managed in an organisation; however, projects themselves do not provide the complete solution.

While projects focus on delivering work in a focused and disciplined manner, the ability for organisations to choose the right projects in the first place will help them go a long way in maximising their resources on investments that will bring the most benefit.

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If you have any questions or require a more detailed discussion, feel free to contact Dr Clive Enoch at cenoch@deloitte.co.za

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