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10 Megatrends likely to influence the future

Today’s rapidly changing and unpredictable world in comparison to the more clear-cut and binary world of the past has made it more difficult to make sense of the future. We live in a world of ever-faster technology cycles, hyper-connected individuals, nervously flickering financial markets, and post-factual politics. It is no wonder that the gentle art of perceiving the future has become an increasingly complex yet critical skill when far-ranging decisions need to be taken.

Research has shown that business productivity has not kept pace with technological progress, and at the same time, companies are being disrupted more quickly. Deloitte research shows that only 12% of the Fortune 500 companies from 1955 are still in business, and last year alone, 26% fell off the list. What could these companies have done to prevent being disrupted, and rather become the disruptors themselves?

In our Think like a Futurist report, we explore the fact that in order for organisations to not only survive in the increasingly competitive business environment, but to thrive, there is an intensifying need for them to be able to imagine the future through divergent scenarios.

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